Remote Healing

A remote session is a quantum healing session that is done using a surrogate. It is not necessary to be available during the session.

Remote healings are equally effective or better as an in person healing session because in energy healing we access the physical, emotional and mental aspects of the individual’s energy system. The energy body can be accessed easily from anywhere and at any time and does not require you to be physically present with the practitioner. In many cases, remote healings may be more effective as the practitioner may be able to focus deeper without interruption from the client.

The healing travels via energetic frequency scalar waves, much like radio waves.

Traveling faster than the speed of light (superluminal), Scalar Waves are not electromagnetic but composed of pure zero point energy. They also have the potential to be used as a power source. So Scalar Waves can be used for communication, energy, and other applications.

– Nickola Tesla

How are the sessions done?

  • Sign up for distance session by calling or filling out form.
  • Dr. Shaw will give you a remote session as soon as possible. If you sign up for a package, they’re using usually spread out 2-3 weeks apart.
  • During the session, a surrogate will be used. You do not need to be available during the session.
  • Dr. Shaw will email you once the session is complete and she will send you your session notes.

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Price for 1 session: $125

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