Past Life Healing

This modality delivers a quench for the curious mind as well as healing benefits, including clearing traumas and karmic ties on all levels… physical, emotional, mental, energetic, spiritual, relationship, environmental, ancestral, cultural and so on.

Past life healing consists of accessing information from the past to find influences that are passed down from our direct ancestors as hereditary traits, or other influences that are passed down independent of direct ancestry such as traumas, illnesses, personality traits, etc.

The manifestation can be in the form of physical or emotional symptoms and/or illnesses or a repeating in this lifetime of the inherited theme be attracting certain situations and circumstances to the person.

It is believed that the experiences in a lifetime are either resolved or not processed fully. If not processed fully, it leaves an emotional energetic charge upon death and that is the factor that is to be resolved in this lifetime through this modality.

“Most people do not benefit from psychoanalysis because the trauma lies not in this life but in a past life.”
– Dr. Alexander Cannon

About the Session

The session will take place as a regular quantum healing session… remotely with all information and details recorded and sent back thru email, so you may access at any time.

There will be no need for hypnosis with this modality as it is not a “past life regression” nor will it be virtual or in person, as to prevent doubts and repeated attempts of going under hypnosis.

Many doubt if the images they saw were real or were they just making it up.

Usually, one is nervous before undergoing a hypnosis session, afraid of divulging unwanted information or even in fear of what one may remember. This usually will interfere with the client relaxing enough to attain the proper brainwave necessary to tap into a past life memory. It may take various sessions to train the brain vs. having the practitioner tap into your past lives immediately and integrate the proper healing where necessary as well re-integration of past-life strengths and abilities.

Contrary to the Jungian belief that one must feel the emotion in order to release it, it is possible to release via other sources… through dreams and through physiological releases, as well as transmutation managed by the practitioner.

I will be working from priority meaning your higher self will guide me to which past life/lives memory is priority to work with at the precise moment. I will be guided to what area of your body is holding on to this memory and disassociate from the body area to prevent illness or heal the area of damage that may have already occurred. Because memories and emotions are energy, after time it can solidify turning into nodules, tumors, imbalances, dysfunction, disease, etc.

Belief systems are also held within the body. Releasing any past-live belief systems will greatly improve one’s life by releasing limiting systems due to trauma, cultural training, which greatly decreases self-sabotage/ self-confidence and esteem issues. Including relationship traumas which affect current life romantic and non-romantic relationships.

Many times, in past-life healing, it is possible to transfer a favorable strength, personality, perspective, or power from a previous life into the present life for one’s benefit in attaining the best version of themselves.

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Unfinished business… a mission in one life cut short by tragic circumstances and could not be accomplished… can range almost the entire width of human experiences… (and causes) an overriding compulsion, a driving force to do certain things, to be in certain places, to seek out certain individuals or situations that cannot be explained on the basis of the current incarnation. As a matter of fact, in many instances, it goes counter to the current inclination…. This applies to places and occupations as well (as people)… Skills acquired in one incarnation may be remembered… in the next one… (accounting) for amazing situations where individuals possess talents… for which there is no basis in their present.

– Dr. Hans Holzer