Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine is a very ancient philosophy of healing that goes back more than 2000 years. The philosophy behind acupuncture is rooted in the Daoist tradition. Before needles, stones were used on the meridian channels, that’s how old this healing art is.

Acupuncture works to bring natural balance to the body, mind and spirit. This is the significance of the yin/yang symbol.

Yang has its root in Yin
Yin has its root in Yang.
Without Yin, Yang cannot arise.
Without Yang, Yin cannot be born.
Yin alone cannot arise;
Yang alone cannot grow.
Yin and Yang are divisible but inseparable.

Balancing your Qi

In Chinese medicine it is theorized that the human body, as well as every other living thing, has a natural flow of qi (life force or energy). Qi travels the body along channels called “meridians,” of which there are mainly fourteen. Qi flows constantly up and down these pathways, and when the flow of qi is insufficient, unbalanced, or interrupted, yin and yang become unbalanced, and illness may occur.

The main goal of Chinese Medicine is to regulate the qi. If it is too low, increase it. If it is too high, disperse it, and if it stagnant, circulate it. This is done by stimulating specific points on the meridian channels.

Tools to stimulate acu-points


Thin needles inserted in acu-point


Gold-plated adhesive magnet placed on acu-point


Gold-plated adhesive seed placed on acu-point


Mugwort herb heated above the acu-point


Cold laser pointed at the acu-point


Suction cups placed over the acu-point

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