The BodyTalk System

Body talk is a holistic therapy that uses your own body to find out where there is an imbalance, physiologically, emotionally spiritually and environmentally.

The main purpose of BodyTalk is to stimulate your brain to heal the body. Your body already has the ability to heal itself, (for instance when you get a cut, your body will naturally heal it) but if the left/right brain hemispheres are not interfacing, the body will not heal itself to its fullest potential.

In BodyTalk, we use a biofeedback system that establishes a no/yes response from your body. This will lead us to where there is an imbalance so that then we can link whatever has been disconnected and your body can begin communicating again.

Does the body talk?

No, not really, but it does respond. When we say we ask the body where the imbalance is, we are really asking the innate wisdom, where all information is available and we are receiving the answer using the biofeedback system.

In order for the BodyTalk practitioner to get in touch with this innate wisdom, we must have our left brain (learned knowledge) and our right brain (intuition) balanced.

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A session is normally 45 min – 60 min long.

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