Intuitive Advice

These sessions are intuitive, creative and healing in nature, focused on accessing Intuitive guidance for healing and empowerment. These sessions benefit those who are searching for a more intuitive and creative approach to navigating their life journey. Intuitive and spiritual guidance may be tapped into to bring clarity and new perspectives as per the inquiry.

This modality is for those who specifically need intuitive advice and/or need intuitive assistance with uncertainties and questions. It will be a telephone conversation previously set with an appointment according to the package you have chosen.

It is suggested to have your questions and all information and details in order to conserve time.

This modality will not include healing formulas. For healing formulas, please book a regular quantum healing session.

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All sessions are done via telephone.

  • 15 min $60
  • 30 min $100
  • 45 min $130
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